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Neel Preet
Neel Preet is a young Writer-Author who completed his First Book, VOICE FROM THE EAST at the age of 21.

The Book got Published Worldwide by "Partridge India - Penguin Publications" on 25th May 2016 and is available in Paperback as well as in E-Book Format on Multiple Sites with a Genuinely High Rating.

Acknowledged as "Young Author" by the Prabhat Khabar Newspaper, the Author has also written numerous Articles and Columns for various Editorials at a very young age and on 1st of May 2017, Neel Preet was awarded Lifetime Membership of the INDIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION.

Neel Preet had also scripted a Feature Film for the INDIAN JOURNALIST For INDIAN PEOPLE (IJIP) at the age of 22. While on 23rd September 2017, Neel Preet became the Youngest Recipient of the "Best Performer Award" for the category of Writer & Columnist by the INDIAN JOURNALIST For INDIAN PEOPLE.

The Author has also served as the Book Editor of Amardeep Negi's Self-Help Book, "The Mind and the Secret of Receiving Money" published by Amazon - Kindle Direct Publishing on 8th of February 2018.

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Voice From The East
"Celebrated With Genuinely Highly Ratings"

Voice From The East
Front & Back Cover
Voice From The East is a well versed poetry book having a collection of 35 very appealing poems. Most of these poems are written with a sense of emotional touch. This book consists of a vivid range of topics since these poems had touched a lot of subjects within them. Some of these poems possess very deep meanings trying to flash out the depth of the life experiences. 

This book is perfectly composed for the readers since it covers all the ranges of the poems touching the common aspects of the human life. Based upon the learning from the common life time experiences these poems are being composed. This book features some very fine "Allegories", "Sonnets", "Free Verses", "Fantasies", a "Ballad" and also a "Lyric". While a few of these poems also flashes out the light on Mythological Subjects, Historical Events, Religious Sentiments, Philosophies, Imaginations and the Environment. Also, there are some "Romantic" poems while some "Tragic" poems as well. In this book the readers would find a very colorful presentation of the various facets of the life which draws the vivid pictures of Life, Joys, Sorrow, Pains, Hope, Victory, Morality and reflects the phases of life.

Stride Over The Years
Over the years this journey has been truly remarkable with all the everlasting learning experiences.

Addressed as "YOUNG AUTHOR" in the Interview by Prabhat Khabar Newspaper over this recently published 5 Star Rated Book, "VOICE FROM THE EAST" !!

On Sunday 24th of July 2016, Page 11 of the Prabhat Khabar Newspaper, Patna Circulation contained the Full Interview of the journey leading to the writing and publishing of this poetry collection book and underlying the philosophy behind this accomplishment.

Youngest Recipient of the IJIP - "Best Performer Award". Receiving the Prestigious Award from the honorable Minister of Health & Welfare, Shri Ashwani Choubey Ji; BJP National Spokesperson & Former Member of Parliament, Dr. Bizoy Sonkar Shastri; BJP Haryana State Senior Leader, Shri Mukesh Gaur Ji and the Director of the IJIP, Shri Pankaj Sahay Ji.

Awarded with the Lifetime Professional Membership of the INDIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION. Honored on the eve of completion of 1 year of the Debut Book. Check out the Author's Profile at: