Saturday, 20 January 2018

20 Aam Admi Party's MLAs Holding Offices Of Profit

So, the decision of Disqualifying 20 Aam Admi Party's MLAs from the Delhi Legislative Assembly by the Election Commission of India is undoubtedly praise worthy. This is for sure a much needed step which the EC took as these 20 MLAs of AAP were holding "Offices of Profit" secretly.

These 20 MLAs of AAP are found guilty of holding illegal sum of money and enjoying Unrecorded Profit. It is certainly a brave step taken by the EC to disqualify such Corrupt MLAs of Arvind Kejriwal's Party. Now, with this disqualification of the 20 AAP MLAs there's a fair amount of chance that the Bi-Elections can take place on these 20 vacant seats in Delhi and it is quite judge-able now that the BJP has a very fair chance of winning majority of these vacant seats in the Bi-Elections.

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