Tuesday, 19 December 2017

BJP Ruling On 70% Of India

Now after the Result Declaration of Vidhan Sabha Elections of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh on 18th December 2017, the BJP is currently ruling on 70% of India. The party which was governing in just 6 States before the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, is now governing in 19 States of India as ever since Shri Narendra Modi Ji became the Prime Minister of India the popularity of the BJP had only increased among the citizens of the country.

Bharatiya Janata Party is giving no opportunity to anyone from the opposition even to stand and give a competition. The party had only become stronger after 2014 Lok Sabha Elections and over the years the BJP had made some truly big victories in the country with some even unexpected margins in their winning. The 2017 Uttar Pradesh Victory, in Vidhan Sabha Elections was a mark of solidity which the party has formed over these years. Even the 2016 Assam Victory, in Vidhan Sabha Elections was nothing less than magic for the BJP, as that was the first time the party formed Government in the state of Assam.

BJP has become a much stronger and disciplined than ever before. The Party President, Shri Amit Shah Ji is carrying out his strategies in such a way that they're proving to be Effective as well as Helpful for the party. Amit Shah took the charge of the party like a True Leader, his vision had helped the BJP in expanding more than ever before. The BJP has now become much more aggressive and reflecting the correct amount of aggressiveness in the elections which the party is contesting now.

From Small Victories like the ones of Municipal Corporation Elections in Delhi as well as in Uttar Pradesh to the Big Victories like the ones of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections in 2017, the BJP had taken it all in this year leaving no scope for Congress or any other Opposition in the country.

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