Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Baduria Communal Clash - West Bengal Burning Again

Serious communal clash broke out in North 24 Paraganas district of West Bengal over an "Objectionable Facebook Post" which lead to the deployment of 400 Troops of the Paramilitary BSF by the State Government to assist the local police force in controlling this violent situation. The clash between the two communities took place in Baduria under Basirhat sub-division of the district on 3rd of July 2017.

It all started in Baduria which is just two and a half hours journey from the Nabanna, the West Bengal State Administrative Headquarters when a simple school going boy Saurav Sarkar, a student of class 12th uploaded a post on Facebook which seemed objectionable to the Muslims, so the Muslims gathered in thousands to take the law and order in their hand and not only violated several laws but also started the communal clash in the region which aroused a deep communal tension in many other parts of West Bengal as well. Although the 12th standard boy was arrested by the police but still the mob of Muslims burnt down his house and they also attacked several Hindu shops, properties and even temples in that region. The Muslims continued to attack the innocent people of the Hindu Community who had nothing to do with this issue and also the mob of Muslims continued to destroy the belongings of innocent Hindus for no reason.

Following this, at many places the "Ulta Rath Yatra" which is a Back Chariot Festival of Hindus was blocked. Also at some places the arrogant mob of Muslims set ablaze the tyres and threw on roads, many of these Muslim attackers were the TMC supporters, the political party ruling in Bengal which is that of the State Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. The team of BJP was detained to visit the area and understand the situation by the state government to cover up the failures also the BJP claimed that over 2000 Muslims came out to attack the innocent Hindu families and 5 of the BJP offices were too attacked and set on fire in that region. This sad incident lead to the mass destruction of Hindus' properties causing a big communal tension in which over 40 people were severely injured too.

The reason for this communal clash is very silly and the even more disturbing thing about this clash is the immature behavior of the State Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee who not only showed her incompetence in handling the communal clash but also did politics over this sensitive issue and played verbal war of words with the Honorable Governor of the state Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, when he directed the lost track chief minister to perform her duty ethically in controlling the riots.

The state government, Mamta Banerjee did not take this sensitive matter with seriousness since even in this worst situation she was eyeing for her Muslim Vote Bank made it clear by her senseless statements that she made in the following days of this communal clash and showed her total failure in handling the issue. Like an irresponsible politician she put the allegations to Hindu Bodies like "Bajrang Dal" & "Hindu Samhati" and  BJP, the party ruling in the center and had nothing to do with the state of Bengal but for the sake of her Muslim Vote Bank Mamta played this cheap card of blaming Hindus even when Muslims started this Communal Clash and destroyed Hindus' property and kept attacking them. Later with the sending of the Paramilitary Forces and the intervention of the Central Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh the situation came much under control.

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