Sunday, 20 November 2016

PM Modi's Giant Leap - Successful Surgical Strikes By The Indian Military Force

Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi is truly a man of his words who stood up for the honor of the entire of the nation. Just after the coward terrorist attacks of Uri by Pakistani Terrorists, PM Sir had expressed his grief over the loss of the lives of the mighty Indian Soldiers and had then and there announced that the enemies had to pay heavily for this blood shedding attempt by them. PM Modi has rightly walked down his talk and took a step on which today every Indian is proud of, he gave the Indian Military Force to carry out a "Surgical Strikes" across the border in the PoK region from where the Pakistani terrorists operate. The Surgical Strikes against the Pakistani terrorists were carried out very successfully by the brave "Indian Para Commandos" across the Line of Control (LOC) where the Indian Force completely smashed down 7 of the functioning terrorist camps by killing at least 50 terrorists and 2 Pakistani Soldiers there. 

This news of the successful Surgical Strikes against Pakistan brought a sense of happiness for the Indians and specially to those innocent 19 Military Families who had lost their owns in the coward attacks by the terrorists in Uri. PM Narendra Modi has been greatly praised for his big and brave step not just by the Indian Citizens but also by the other political leaders of the nation and the world too. Well, this entire episode of the Surgical Strike had proved one thing very clearly which is that Indian Army is the bravest force on this planet and they can carry out any kind of military operation anywhere in the world that too very successfully, all we need is the will power to retaliate against the evil terrorists as we had done this time. PM Modi showed Indians and the world that how the target can be achieved with a strong will power  to act against the terrorists and for which he has been applauded and praised by all. On social media, PM Modi's great step was celebrated just like a festival, on Facebook numerous posts were posted praising the Surgical Strike carried out by the Indian Military Force and the decision taken by PM Modi to counter terrorism from their roots. While same kind of thing also happened to Twitter too and also over here we get to see some popular hashtags as well, such as #SurgicalStrikesAgainstPak, #ModiPunishesPak, #IndiaStrikesBack, #IndianArmy and so on. Last but not the least the whole credit goes to the entire Indian Military Force who carried out the successful Surgical Strikes against the Pakistani terrorists in no time and gave the raged filled nation a moment to feel proud and satisfied.

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