Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Sabarimala Protest Case In Kerela

Protests over the issue of women's entry in Sabarimala Temple just got uglier with the beginning of 2019. Left Government in the State of Kerela is simply allowing the Muslims, Missionaries & other Anti-Hindu bodies to attack the innocent RSS Workers, Hindus & the Sanatan Culture in the state!

It's really a matter of immense pain that Hindus are being treated like "Third-Class Citizens" in their very own country, India. Hindu Cultures are constantly being "Disrespected & Disobeyed" in Kerela by the Muslims, Missionaries & the Communists to which the Left Government of the state is not just a silent spectator but also a supporter!

The Sabarimala Temple has years old Tradition, which allows the entry of Men, Young Girls & Old Women in the Temple as the Lord who is worshiped in the Temple was a "Brahmachari" thus to respect that vow of "Lord Ayyappa" there's a restriction to the entry of Women who are capable of giving birth in the temple.

Just like any other tradition, this particular tradition too was being followed by the Hindu men & women for thousands of years peacefully. But, this peace & unity among the Hindus was not acceptable to the Muslims, Missionaries & other Anti-Hindu bodies; Therefore, in the name of Gender Equality, these Hindu Opposing Elements started creating the rift among the Hindus and started protest and attacks over the Hindus demanding the entry of women of all age in the temple.

Now, what's ironic is that the Anti-Hindu bodies like  the Missionaries, Muslims, Communists are protesting for the entry of Hindu Women in the temple, while the Hindu Women themselves are agreeing to follow the tradition of not entering the Sabarimala Temple! This surely is a tight slap to these idiots but they just want to break the Hindu Religion and are still not ready to stop.

It just got worse & even more ironical when the Muslim Men made their wives to stand in this protest; These Muslim Women were standing in the protest with placards mentioning gender equality slogans. Now, in case if you don't know then you'll find it amusing so know that these Muslim Women aren't allowed in the Mosques themselves, isn't this ironic?

If these Muslim Women are really concerned about the gender equality issue then why don't they go and enter the Mosques & fight for their rights with Mullas & Malvis? When a reporter asked the Muslim Women about the reason of their standing in the protest then those Muslim Women told the reporter that they don't know anything about the issue and their husbands had made them stand in the protest; So, isn't it clear now that the Muslims, Missionaries and other Anti-Hindu bodies are up with their conspiracy against the Hindus!

Traditions or Rituals are something which needs to be respected & obeyed, the Hindus, both men & women needs to understand this & shouldn't become the prey of the conspiracy being played by the Muslims, Missionaries & Communists in the name of gender equality.

There are several Hindu Temples in that very same state of Kerela, where the entry of men is restricted and no men even walk on those streets where these Temples are located. It is so because these men respect the ancient traditions & rituals, which are being followed from thousands of years! People should have complete knowledge about sensitive things like a religion's tradition & that should be allowed to be followed with respect & dignity instead of spreading lies & creating false propaganda against any faith!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Latest Case Of Land Scam Again By Congress Politician - Kapil Sibal Found Culprit This Time

It seems that the Nehru-Gandhi Family along with all other Politicians of the Congress Party are running in a race of performing much Bigger SCAMS than each other. 

The nation knows it well, how big is the case of "National Herald Scam" where the allegations of Acquisitions of Land/Property is directly on the Ex President of Congress, Sonia Gandhi and Current INC President, Rahul Gandhi. Whereas, in the Land Acquisition case of Haryana, Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are accused as well.

Now, the latest news in the Corridors of Indian Politics is that the Senior Congress Leader & a well known Lawyer, Kapil Sibal has been reported to have acquired a piece of Land worth Rs. 89 Crores by paying just 1 Lakh Rupees.

It is reported that Kapil Sibal and his wife had bought the Full Shares of this Company, "Grande Castello Private Limited" by paying just 1 Lakh Rupees and had took over the company which had Lands in Delhi valued at 89 Crores Rupees in the books of the company before the acquisition.

Source: OPINDIA 

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Unfortunate Killing Of 39 Indians By ISIS In Iraq

It is extremely sad and unfortunate that 39 Indians had been mercilessly killed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Iraq. This painful news is not only disturbing but also alarming and gives rise to a handful of questions which directly effects us an Indians.

Here's a list of those prime issues which the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji and also the various Ministry of the Government of India should consider very seriously:

  • Isn't this a high time to ban Popular Front of India (PFI) which is an extremist and militant Islamist fundamentalist organization supporting ISIS?
  • What action would the Government of India take against those who hoists the ISIS flag in Jammu and Kashmir?
  • Would the Government of India take action against the Congress led United Democratic Front (UDF) & Left led Left Democratic Front (LDF) who openly supports the Islamic Radicals and Extremists?
  • What measures would Modi Government take against a person like Asaduddin Owaisi, who being a Member of Parliament talks about giving all kinds of legal aid to the suspects of ISIS?

Friday, 9 March 2018

Rahul Gandhi - The Biggest Misfit In The Indian Politics

It is much evident today that the Congress Party is nothing but a "Dynastic Political Party" and that actually is the prime reason for the downfall of the oldest political party of the country. The world knows that Rahul Gandhi is not at all capable of running the Indian National Congress, forget running the whole party, Pappu is not fit even to be a Politician!

But still the Congress Politicians and their party workers praises Rahul Gandhi as their Emperor. Now, this is extremely shameful because even these Congress people knows it well that, Pappu is completely misfit to stay in the Indian Politics, and still they never gets tired of flattering Rahul Gandhi and ironically they are ready to run under the command of this immature politician. 

This says that the Congress men lacks personality to stand up and speak it openly that their Congress does not need Rahul Gandhi. It is not a good sign for the nation as well, since this brings out a fundamental question that are we still staying with the idea of Dynastic Culture in the 21st Century when we are regarded as the World's Largest Democracy!

Rahul Gandhi is reason why many senior leaders & politicians of the Congress Party had left their party. Everyone in the Congress knows it well that they are always going to stay below this Nehru-Gandhi Family and sadly end up serving this family only. Well, it is much evident that the end of Congress Party is near!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Hypocrisy Of Arvind Kejriwal And The AAP Politicians

Today under the Rule of Aam Admi Party in Delhi, the Delhiites feel highly cheated as these AAP Politicians also who once told that they would never take any Government Facilities are now traveling in Business Class Flights and enjoying these facilities to the full extend on the Taxpayers Money. 

Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, who openly criticized the other party leaders for taking Securities around them, have now arranged High Securities for themselves. Moreover, Delhi's beautification has also suffered a lot in these 3 years and the Crime Rate has only gone up.

It is extremely sad that even after so much of failures the AAP Government is spending huge sums of the Taxpayers Money on their Advertisement Hoardings all across Delhi. It is now evident that the AAP made these promises and great talks only to come in the Government which they never intent to bring into applicability.

Arvind Kejriwal's False Promises Which The AAP Government Never Fulfilled

Now, after 3 years of Aam Admi Party (AAP) forming the Government in Delhi and Arvind Kejriwal being the Chief Minister of the state, the Delhiites feel that the state's progress has terribly gone down. The hashtag of #AapFailedDelhi was the top trending hashtag on Twitter on 14th of February 2018 when the AAP government completed it's 3 years of rule in Delhi.

The Delhiites are openly complaining about those big promises like "Free WiFi", "CCTV Camera Installation for Women Safety", "Opening New Colleges", "Controlling the Hazardous Pollution", "Restraining Corruption", "Roadways Improvement", "Shelter Provision to Homeless", "Improving Public Transportation - particularly the DTC Buses Service", "Developing Public Toilets" and the list goes on and on, which the AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal never fulfilled.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Painful Attacks Over The Indian Army Jawans In Kashmir

It is extremely painful that every second day we get the news of some attacks over the Indian Army Jawans and on their Camps in Jammu and Kashmir, carried out by the Coward Mujaheddin of the Radical Islamist Groups or by the Local Separatist Groups.

Now, the question is what had the Government done to ensure the safety of our Security Forces? Yes, our Jawans are brave enough to carry out the Retaliation Operations and avenge the deaths of their Fellow Jawans but this is no solution, as we keep on losing the lives of our Brave Jawans in such "Proxy Wars" that too in large numbers!

Will the government bring out a permanent solution to stop the deaths of our Brave Jawans from the Proxy Wars? We are sitting here and reading these stuffs in ease only and only because some "Brave Hearts" are standing day and night to ensure us this safety of ours and those brave hearts are the Jawans of the Indian Army and the Border Security Force (BSF)!